Automix series Polyelectrolyte Dissolution Systems

Sturdiness, reliability and precision

The commercial offer is extremely modular and ranges from simple solutions with basic functions up to fully automatic apparatuses controllable via PLC. Based on the type of system and intended use, the tanks are available in stainless steel and polyethylene with nominal capacities ranging from 1 to 5 m3/h.

In the most complete configurations, initial calibration makes it possible to optimise metering according to the physical features of the used powdered polymer, assuring high metering precision (savings up to 30%), as well as perfect mixing and curing.

Wide range of polymer Dissolution Systems both for powder and emulsion.

To meet any preparation need, our Automix also includes static mixers for mixing and preparing polyelectrolyte in line (without maturation Tank), very widespread application in small/medium sized systems when polymers in emulsion are used.