Polyelectrolyte dissolution systems

Sodi Scientifica has been operating for many years on the market with its line of automatic powder dissolution systems having high level of quality and performance indexes. AUTOMIX systems, besides having a highly professional operation, fully controlled by microprocessors, allow for considerable savings in economic terms, as regards the consumption of polymer and for the operational costs and maintenance.
AUTOMIX is a packaged plant consisting of two main sections:

  1. Polymer metering unit;
  2. Dissolving, aging and dosing tank;

The first section is made up of a stainless steel hopper which contains the powdered polyelectrolyte and is provided with antibridge vibrator, powder’s minimum level probe, timer-operated constant-flowrate screwfeeder, pressure switch – solenoid valve – water intake flowmeter, instantaneous powder-scattering water jet-disperser and a computerized control box housing all the electric and electronic devices for a fully automated operation of the system.
The second part, instead, consists of a stainless steel tank with a nominal capacity of 1000 – 2000 -3500 or 5000 liters of solution, divided into two or three sectors by bulkheads. Each sector is equipped with low-speed stirrer, level probes and lumps-retaining end filter.

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Automatic Operation

In this version, the operation is fully automated thanks to the electronic control unit. In particular, Automix can be suitably run according to the physical-chemical characteristics of the polyelectrolyte used and to environmental factors as well.
A preliminary test on the powder, prior to dosing, allows to calibrate the system according to the particle size and bulk density of the type of polymer used, resulting in accuracy of dosage. The intake water flowrate measurement makes it possible to automatically adjust the screwfeeder’s timing and consequently its flowrate so as to keep the water/polymer ratio absolutely constant. The level probes, installed in the last sector of the tank, operate in an automatic way, with a start-stop system, the solenoid valve and the screwfeeder, reactivating both functions to the achievement of the minimum level.

The control box is provided with a keyboard operator interface pad where are also allocated functioning light indicators for all the components of the plant. The same signals can be relayed, either by individual or cumulative contacts, from the terminal board to a remote site for acoustic or visual alarms. Moreover, there is also the provision for the connection of two dosing units including the necessary electrical wiring from the control box. Finally the stainless steel end-filter, represents an additional safety feature to prevent non-perfectly dissolved flocs which might endanger the process efficiency.
The control box is also predisposed with a connection to an autoloader to feed the hopper with powder when it reaches its minimum level.

Specification comparsion between AUTOMIX MAX 40/c and AUTOMIX S

Hopper and cover in stainless steel AISI 304L (130 dm3cap.)
Antibridge electrical vibrator
Capacitive sensor minimum powder level
Screwfeeder’s 40 dm3 max metering capacity
Pressure switch
Pressure reducer
Contactors for control and metering pumps (n. 2)
Pulse emitting flowmeter
Control box
Control box with electronic panel allowing 0,05 – 0,50% concentration setting
Tank cover in stainless steel AISI 304L
Electromagnetic meter
Screwfeeder heater
Predisposition for two additional metering pumps
Powder loader
Extension for hopper

Accessories on demand

A number of accessories are available on demand, such as, just to name a few:
Screwfeeder heater: resistance for heat power of 210 W – 24V voltage, provided with thermal switch set at a fixed temperature. It prevents the polyeletrolyte to become packed in damp and cold environments.
Static Mixer: PVC mixer for spirally feeding the solution of the two metering pumps into one water flow and ensuring a uniform distribution thereof.
Automatic powder loader: fully operated through the electronic panel of Automix, thanks to the loading system equipped with steel lance for the drilling of the bag, has made it possible to solve the problem linked to the danger of possible dusting of the product.
Pumps support: stainless steel AISI 304 support for housing the metering pumps.
230 dm3 Hopper
Outlet and discharge piping