Metering pumps

Electromechanical regulator

The majority of Sodi Scientifica’s metering pumps allows for flow control both manual and servo-assisted. “AR” regulator, in particular, consists of an electromechanical positioner which allows to adjust the flow rate by means of an electric command with 4-20 mA signal. This regulation system can be coupled to all the PD series pumps with the exclusion of PD S and PD M models only.

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Flow adjustment is carried out by means of a servo-assisted adjustment of plunger/diaphragm’s stroke length, according to the pump type.

Available version

The regulator is available in two versions according to the pump on which it is installed:

Mod. AR 2000

suitable for pumps:

Mod. AR 80 2001

suitable for pumps:

PD 64 PD 80
PD 71

Performance and
construction features

Input signal 4÷20 mA / 60 Ω
Output feedback signal 4÷20 mA / 180 Ω max
Electric connection Harting type series STAF 6
Manual/Automatic switch Yes
Power Supply Single-phase 400V 50/60Hz 40 VA
Max stroke length adjustment 40 mm
Working temperature -5°C ÷ +50°C
Protection level IP 55

Weights and dimensions

As an example, for a rough estimation of the overall dimensions, here below are the schemes of the instruments and related sizes in mm.

Mod. AR 2000


Mod. AR 80 2001